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The Pantone Colour of the Year is always a big indicator of what’s to come in wedding trends. Greenery – last year’s colour of choice – saw an influx of brides opting for a more foliage filled wedding day. For 2018 it’s going to be all about Ultra Violet and we could not be more excited. This glamourous shade transcends the seasons and lends itself to a variety of beautiful flowers including roses, orchids and hydrangeas. A bride looking for on-trend purple wedding flowers is sure to be spoiled for choice.

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Apricot Orange & Butter Yellow

Get ready for a surge of yellow and orange flowers being used in all types of arrangements, from whimsical summertime bouquets to minimalist fall centerpieces. Specifically, we're expecting to see flowers that showcase the softer side of these bright sunshine colors. If you love blush or salmon pink, try "apricot orange" instead — it's a peachy hue that feels like a pastel but also packs a punch. "Butter yellow" is inviting and unexpected, not to mention that it's like a dose of instant happiness for your decor. Peonies, Icelandic poppies, Juliet roses, chrysanthemums, carnations, and ranunculus are some of our faves for this color combination.

flower trends,flower designs, flower

Uncool flowers of yesterday = cool flowers of today

You heard it here first folks, all those flowers we've all been turning up our noses at are now the cool-girl flowers.

"Designers are embracing baby’s breath and carnations (although quite honestly some variations can be very expensive), but also re-appropriating it through dying and spray painting." So the long and short of it, "Basically the trend seems to be moving away from a romantic garden look and more towards improvisation of shapes, and even materials." That, combined with a more minimal and daring approach are making for some interesting trends that we can't wait to see pulled off in forthcoming spring weddings! But don't fret, if these new minimal trends aren't for you, we think there will always be room for the lush, romantic, garden-y look.

flower trends,flower designs, flower


These started to appear in some of the most stylish weddings of 2017, but for 2018 expect to see a more colourful approach to living walls. An impactful flower wall provides a brilliant backdrop not just for photos but to cake and gift tables too.

flower trends,flower designs, flower

Moss Details

We're calling it now: moss is the new greenery. A bold statement, we know, but we're expecting to see moss replace the lush and fluffy greenery leaves that we've seen everywhere in the last few years. We love moss because it brings a certain fairytale element to your wedding flowers, and you can use it in almost every way that you might use typical greenery (and then some!). Just check out this gorgeous moss-covered tablescape that would be perfect for a woodland theme wedding. For a simpler look, use a moss wall as an indoor ceremony backdrop, place it as a runner down the center of a long banquet table, or display your wedding monogram with a tasteful moss cutout.

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