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I posted a picture on Instagram the other day and someone commented that I had been really quiet on social media lately and they assumed I was on vacation. I laughed out loud when I read that because it really couldn’t be the further from the truth.

The reason for all of the silence is not because we’ve been away, but because we’ve been deep in the throes of buying a farm, and a new home for Flowra.

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We have been growing cut flowers on a small plot of rented land since day one. And while we have tried to buy numerous properties over the years, including the field that we farm here at home, each and every one has fallen through at the final hour.

After the last we bought a form in countryside of seattle.

Top 9 Best Plants for a

Vertical Garden

Before selecting plants, be mindful of which blooms will thrive in the elements where you’ll display your vertical garden. For instance, consider the amount of sunlight the space will get and whether it’s indoors or out. Picking plants that thrive in the elements will only further assure the success of your garden.

As we mentioned above, trailing vines that hang out of their metal pots make for a visually interesting garden. If you are hanging your planter indoors, you might also consider planting herbs in the kitchen or smaller succulents that require minimal upkeep. Also, don’t forget to consider the weight of the plants; avoid any large or heavy greenery. We recommend the following:

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1. Golden Pothos

2. White Marble Pothos

3. Dracaena

4. Boston Fern

5.Bird’s Nest Fern

6. English Ivy

7. Geranium


9. Fresh Herbs

11 Fragrant

Night-Blooming Flowers

Why not choose the flowers that blooms when you are around. These lovely night-blooming flowers and plants give off their sweet smells at night.

1. Gardenia Augusta (Perennial)

2. Evening Primrose (Hardy Perennial)

3. Brugmansia (Tender Perennial)

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4. Moonflower (Annual)

5.Japanese Wisteria (Perennial)

6. Tuberose (Tender Bulb)

7. Night Phlox (Annual)

8. Nicotiana (Annual)

9. Night-Blooming Jasmine (Tender Perennial)

10. Four O'Clocks (Annual)

11. Datura (Tender Perennial)

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Located in Seattle beautiful countryside, our fields are bursting with flowers that reflect the season. From fragrant sweet peas in the spring to magnificent dinner plate dahlias in the fall and countless varieties in between, we harvest only the best of what is blooming each day. Research is at the heart of our operation, and we conduct extensive trials to find the very best cut flower varieties, coveted for their scent, stem length, and ephemeral qualities.
We source these hard to find varieties from the best seed houses in the world and make them available to the home gardener. Our shop features our very favorite cut flower seeds, as well as dahlia tubers, spring-flowering bulbs, tools, supplies, and gifts.

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